• Developed from the most referenced personality tool in the western world
  • Identifies Mental Toughness, dependability and team based traits in one dynamic questionnaire
  • Uses dual graphic and written report format for instant accessibility
  • A commercial tool with its foundations in decades of reliable psychological science
  • Useful, understandable and clear interface
  • Specific reports for participants, departments and managers
  • Results can be tailored to reflect organizational competencies, leadership frameworks and values



  • The next generation of the most referenced psychometric indicator in the world.
  • Identifies Mental Toughness, teamworking tendencies and leadership attributes in one dynamic questionnaire
  • Easily understood, tailored reports for the candidate, the department and the manager.
  • Based on decades of reliable, valid scientific research
  • Each report features crisp, clear and concise graphics
  • Developed specifically for the workplace
  • Results can be tailored to assessment, outplacement and development needs