ECCOS Benefits Your Business

Interview guide: Impartial and objective reports on candidates’ personality traits that showcase strengths and highlight potential areas of concern within an easy to use format.

Development report: Explore employees’ potential, bypassing bias and highlighting abilities. Reduce recruitment cost, develop staff satisfaction and build from within.

Instant assessment: Unique graphics allow an immediate snapshot of an entire personality report making for rapid and accurate holistic identification

Impartial, reliable, dependable: ECCOS is the only tool in the world licensed to continue the work of Hans Eysenck, probably Britain’s greatest psychometrician. Developed by chartered occupational psychologists ECCOS is an organization’s guarantee of the very best in psychometric tools

Role reports: Identify members of high performing teams by identifying individuals with the potential and talent to succeed in the most demanding roles right up to Board room level

Talent spotting: From entrepreneurs to teamworkers, ECCOS can highlight the likely successes